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PCGS-Certified Rarities Throughout Heritage's Sept. 2008 Long Beach Signature Auction

Dallas, TX. Hundreds of Registry-level coins certified by PCGS are included in Heritage’s Long Beach Signature® Auction, being held Sept 17-21, 2008. Heritage is also holding auctions featuring U.S. Currency, Ancient & World Coins, World Currency, and Tokens and Medals. The auctions are now posted by Heritage Auction Galleries on their HA.com website, and all lots are available for inspection and bidding.

“Among the great rarities included in the Long Beach auction,” commented Heritage President Greg Rohan, “is Lot 2018, an O-101 1796 15 Stars half dollar, certified AU58 by PCGS, and amazing offerings of Gobrecht dollars, Trade dollars, and Seated quarters and halves. Gold rarities also abound. In such a strong market, we predict that many records will be set.”

Among the anchors in the U.S. coin catalog are: The Nora Bailey Collection; The Bell Collection; The Davis Conway Collection; The Morton J. Greene Collection; The Hamous Collection of California Gold; The Laredo Collection; The Malibu Collection; The Mississippi Collection; The Menlo Park Collection; The Nevada Collection of Seated Quarters; and The Sundance Collection.

PCGS-Certified Highlights, Heritage’s Sept. 2008 Long Beach Signature® Auction:

Lot 112: 1805 1/2 C Small 5, Stems XF40 PCGS. C-2, B-2, Low R.6.
This is an important example Census level example of the rarest 1805 half cent, and one of the rarest Draped Bust half cent varieties. From The Nora Bailey Collection.

Lot 132: 1832 half cent PR64 Brown PCGS C-2, B-2, R.7
A significant rarity, with only a handful of proofs of this variety known.

Lot 753: 1918/7-D 5C MS62 PCGS.
The present example, scarce in this grade, shows significant die erosion, as the die crack runs all the way down to the corner of the Indian's mouth, the most advanced state of the dies we have ever seen for this particular rarity.

Lot 833: 1937-D 5C Three-Legged MS65 PCGS.
The 1937-D Three-Legged nickel is one of the more significant and famous varieties in American numismatics, and only four have been certified finer by PCGS.

Lot 1269: 1915-S $50 Panama-Pacific MS62 PCGS
The Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco, ran from Feb. 20 through Dec. 4, 1915, on a 635-acre site near the present-day Marina.

Lot 1352: 1853 50C Arms of California 50 Cents, BG-435, Low R.5, MS62 PCGS.
This date has always been one of the most sought-after in the popular California fractional gold series, with the distinctive obverse modeled after the state arms. From The Hamous Collection of California Gold.

Lot 1533: 1864-S quarter, MS64 PCGS.
One of the finest known survivors, from The Nevada Collection of Seated Quarters.

Lot 1538: 1872-S Quarter, MS66 PCGS.
The incomparable Norweb example, ranking among the most challenging Motto Seated quarters. From The Nevada Collection of Seated Quarters.

Lot 1554: PCGS-certified 15 Piece 1873 Proof Set
A lovely set from an important year for numismatic varieties.

Lot 1628: 1796 10C AU55 PCGS. JR-1, R.3.
The usual die state, with clashmarks along the profile and a prominent cud beneath star 1.

Lot 1631: 1802 10C AU55 PCGS. JR-4, R.4.
The JR-4 die combination is the most plentiful of four known varieties of 1802 dimes, yet it is still rated R.4, meaning fewer than 200 are known – but only five have been certified finer!

Lot 1772: 1942/1 Mercury dime, MS66 Full Bands PCGS.
This exceptional coin is tied for the finest certified, and as such is a prize for the Registry Set collector or 20th century series enthusiast.

Lot 1796: 1968 10C No S PR68 PCGS.
Proof production resumed in 1968 after a three-year experiment with special mint sets, and during the first year, one proof dime obverse die failed to receive a mintmark.

Lot 1973: 1918/7-S quarter MS62 PCGS.
The 1918/7-S overdate is the only Standing Liberty quarter that successfully competes with the first-year 1916 issue in terms of desirability and rarity.

Lot 2017: 1796 half dollar, 15 Stars, VF25 PCGS. O-101, R.5.
Mintage of the 1796-1797 Draped Bust Small Eagle design type totaled only 3,918 coins, and this example is sharp for its grade, with individually distinctive denticles. From The Menlo Park Collection.

Lot 2018: 1796 15 Stars Half Dollar AU58 PCGS, O-101, R.5
The Draped Bust Small Eagle half dollars of 1796 and 1797 is rare in any level of preservation, and especially in this high grade (only two of which rate AU58). Ex: The Douglas L. Noblet Collection; The Richard Genaitis Collection.

Lot 2225: 1870-CC 50C AU50 PCGS. WB-101.
Extremely scarce overall and of the utmost rarity in high grades, the 1870-CC Seated half dollar is an important key date in the series.

Lot 2249: 1855/54 50C PR64 PCGS. FS-301, formerly FS-005, WB-102.
The 1855/54 is very rare in proof format, and only one has been certified finer. From The Sundance Collection.

Lot 2430: 1838 Pattern Gobrecht $1 Name Omitted, Judd-84 Restrike, Pollock-93, R.5, PR63 PCGS. Silver. Reeded Edge. Die Alignment III.
There are two widely separated time periods for the striking of 1838 Gobrecht dollars. The first is in the actual year on the coin, 1838; the Die Alignment III coins show microscopic die cracks through MERI and TE, and were most likely made in the late 1850s.

Lot 2546: 1878-S T$1 MS65 PCGS.
This coin is a wonderful example of the last year of Trade dollar production.

Lot 2924: 1895-O $1 MS62 PCGS.
The 1895-O has always been something of a darling among Morgan dollar enthusiasts, particularly in higher grades.

Lot 3147: 1854 Gold $1 Type Two MS63 PCGS.
In mid-1854, the Mint attempted to rectify problems caused by the small size of the Type One gold dollar, and the planchet diameter was increased by 2 mm. From The Bell Collection.

Lot 3218: 1798 $2.50 AU50 PCGS. BD-2, Low R.5.
The top of the 8 slightly overlaps the lower edge of the drapery, and the branch has five berries; either feature is diagnostic for the elusive 1798 BD-2 quarter eagle.

Lot 3224: 1825 $2.50 MS61 PCGS. BD-2, R.4.
The obverse has a recut 5, and the reverse has the stem ending over the upright of the D; both dies appear to be perfect with no die cracks or clash marks.

Lot 3440: 1869 5C Five Cents, Judd-688, Pollock-769, High R.7, PR66 PCGS.
One of just three known in Aluminum, an incredibly rare metal at the time.

Lot 3452: 1880 $4 Flowing Hair, Judd-1658, Pollock-1858, Low R.7--Copper, Gilt--Genuine PCGS.
Struck in copper with a reeded edge, the stella’s gilt overlay is nicely done, with no apparent flakes or prominent blemishes.

Lot 3573: 1795 $5 Small Eagle AU55 PCGS. Breen-6412, BD-3, High R.3.
Varieties BD-2, BD-3, and BD-4 show overlapping obverse stars 11 and 12, and star 11 over the Y of LIBERTY, while the reverse wreath of BD-2 and BD-3 each have four berries. From The Menlo Park Collection.

Lot 3602: 1810 $5 Large Date, Large 5 MS64 PCGS. Breen-6459, BD-4, R.2.
The date is large, with a near-horizontal flag atop the first 1 in the date. The reverse shows a large, squat 5 with the top right portion of its flag pointing directly at the lowest feather tip on the fletchings. From The Laredo Collection.

Lot 3604: 1812 $5 MS64 PCGS. CAC. Wide 5D, Breen-6466, BD-1, R.3.
The two known 1812 half eagle varieties feature the same obverse and are distinguished by the spacing of the denomination.

Lot 3608: 1833 $5 Large Date MS61 PCGS. Breen-6498, BD-1, High R.5.
The actual size of the digits is just barely noticeable, but the style of the number punches is distinctively different. From The Laredo Collection.

Lot 3782: 1864 $5 PR64 Deep Cameo PCGS.
The 1864 proof five has a mintage of only 50 pieces; only one has been certified finer.

Lot 3820: 1798/7 $10 9x4 Stars XF40 PCGS. BD-1, High R.4.
This is the only early gold issue, regardless of denomination, bearing the 9+4 star arrangement.

Lot 3821: 1799 $10 Large Stars Obverse MS63 PCGS. BD-10, R.3.
Traditionally, the 1799 Small Stars ten has been considered scarcer than the Large Stars variety of the same year, but recent research casts doubt.

Lot 3823: 1800 $10 VF35 PCGS. Breen-6842, BD-1, High R.3.
The BD-1 is the only known variety for 1800 eagles, with all examples showing star 7 double-punched, and many displaying a die crack along the top of LIBERTY. From The Menlo Park Collection.

Lot 3958: 1907 $10 Wire Rim MS65 PCGS. CAC.
Mint Director George Roberts, in one of his last official correspondences, mentioned President Roosevelt's involvement in the production and distribution of the experimental pieces that would later become known as the Wire Rim, Periods variety.

Lot 4353: 1907 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim MS64 PCGS.
More than a century after his design for the double eagle first made its way into circulation, Augustus Saint-Gaudens and his coin design legacy have become seemingly permanent fixtures on American coinage.

Lot 4355: 1907 $20 High Relief, Wire Rim MS65 PCGS. CAC.
Today, High Relief double eagles are virtually irresistible to collectors, especially when they are as well-preserved as this charming Gem.

Lot 4503: 1927-S $20 MS62 PCGS.
Despite an initial mintage of over 3.1 million double eagles at San Francisco in 1927, it is highly prized and elusive.

Lot 4504: 1927-S $20 MS65 PCGS.
The 1927-S has long been recognized as a key date in the Saint-Gaudens double eagle series. Beauty, rarity, and an illustrious pedigree make this coin a prize for the advanced collector. Ex: NERCA; Dr. Steven Duckor (2006); Jay Brahin (2007).

Lot 4507: 1929 $20 MS64 PCGS. CAC.
Widely recognized as the first of the key issues at the end of the Saint-Gaudens series of twenties.

Lot 4508: 1929 $20 MS66 PCGS. CAC.
One of the finest known of an issue once renowned as a major rarity.

Lot 4509: 1910 $20 PR63 PCGS.
For the type collector who desires a single proof Saint-Gaudens double eagle, either the 1909 or 1910 are ideal candidates, with the soft, satiny appearance of the ‘Roman Finish.’

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