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1886-O Morgan Dollar Realizes $126,500 In Collectors Universe Kingswood Coin Auction

1886-O Morgan topped the field
in Collectors Universe Kingswood Coin Auction.
1886-O Morgan topped the field<br> in Collectors Universe Kingswood Coin Auction.

Newport Beach, CA - A PCGS-graded MS65 1886-O Morgan dollar realized $126,500, one of the many highlights of the Collectors Universe Kingswood Coin auction completed on August 19, 1999. The extremely rare silver dollar is one of only two specimens to grade MS65 (with one higher) in the 13-year history of PCGS.

The 1100 lots in the sale set an all-time record for Kingswood, with total prices realized at $1,779,238. Every coin in the sale was graded and authenticated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Below is a summary of other highlights of the sale. Prices quoted include the buyer's commission.

An 1883 $20 Liberty PR65 realized the second-highest price in the sale. The extremely rare cameo gem sold for $104,650. Tied for the finest graded with one other coin, this fabulous double eagle was one of only 92 minted, of which an estimated 17 coins survive today in any grade. Other notable $20 gold pieces included an 1871-S MS61 at $4,267 and an 1873 in MS62 at $3,450.

The $10 Indian series included one of the finest known examples of the 1915-S. The MS66 coin, one of only two graded with none higher, opened at $32,500 and was quickly bid to $58,650.

Half dollars were heroically strong in several areas, including a 1797 in XF45 at $41,400, an 1855-0 Arrows at Date in MS66 at $12,650, an 1859 in Proof 65 at $10,120, and an 1893 in Proof 67 that sold for $7,360. Walking Liberty half dollars were led by a 1938-D in MS67 that realized $3,220 and a 1941-S in MS66 at $3,393.

The first year of the Large cents of the United States was represented by two spectacular coins. The first to cross the auction block was a 1793 Chain cent in XF40, which was hammered down for $19,556. The finest graded 1793 Wreath cent with the Lettered Edge in AU58 sold for $16,445.

Type coin selections included some sensational offerings. An MS67 1853 Arrows dime sold for $9,488 while an MS67 1875-S twenty cent piece soared to $21,563. One of the finest known 1874 Arrows quarters, graded Proof 66, was bid to $15,065 and an 1896 Barber quarter in Proof 67 sold for $5,750.

Modern coins proved popular in the CU-Kingswood Coin Auction once again as Mercury dimes were extremely active 1916-D dime in MS65 Full Bands selling for $27,025 while a 1926-S in MS65 FB brought $5,290. A 1970-S Doubled Die cent in MS64 Red realized $5,980 in highly active bidding. The final copper coin in the sale was also bid to a near-record level as an 1873 restrike two cent piece in Proof 66 Red sold for $8,165 against its $2,000 opening bid. Among the large selection of Buffalo nickels, the most outstanding were an MS65 1923-S that sold for $6.325, and a 1937-D "3-leg" MS64 brought $4,255.

Proof Trade dollars were also popular in the CU-Kingswood Coin sale, as a Proof 65 1878 realized $6,440 and a Proof 65 1882 sold for $8,395.

Morgan dollars were once again a runaway favorite, with many coins realizing strong prices in extremely competitive bidding. An 1879-CC in MS64 sold for $5,750, an 1880-CC in MS66 brought $3,105, an 1880-O in MS65 realized $14,375, an 1881-CC in MS67 sold for $4,140, an 1883-S in MS64 brought $3,795, an 1890-CC in MS65 realized $5,060, an 1891-CC in MS66 soared to $9,775, an 1892-CC in MS65 realized $5,980, and an 1893-CC in MS64 was bid to 7,199. Other Morgan dollar highlights included an 1881 in Proof 67 at $8,050 and an 1895 in Proof 61 at $16,618.

The leader of the Morgan dollar offering was, of course, the 1886-O in MS65. As mentioned above, the coin was one of only two specimens to grade MS65 by PCGS, with the only coin higher being the MS67 DMPL from the Jack Lee collection. After opening at $75,000 the price was quickly pushed above the $100,000 mark before finally settling at $126,500.

A comprehensive offering of rare gold included a nice selection of Charlotte and Dahlonega pieces. An 1849-D in MS63 at $7,073, an 1857-D in MS61 at $8,287 and an 1884 in Proof 64 at $4,485 highlighted gold dollars. Gold quarter eagles saw a Draped Bust Right 1806 8 5 Stars in AU58 sell for $13,225, an 1849-D in AU 55 realize $3,680, a 1906 in MS67 bring $4,313, and a 1907 in Proof 67 dazzle the bidders at $20,700.

The finest graded 1868 attained prominence among the three dollars gold pieces, as the MS66 example brought $25,300. Another high quality rarity from the series also attracted a great deal of attention as an 1886 in Proof 65 sold for $19,550.

An 1807 Draped Bust Right $5 gold piece in MS63 was bid to $12,075 to give a strong start to the half eagle selection. Among the $5 Liberty pieces were an 1840-C in AU53 at $4,888, an 1844-C in AU58 at $10,293, an 1895 Mint error that was 20% off-cent in MS64 at $28,290, a 1902-S in MS68 at $21,275, and a 1905-S in MS65 at $8,050. The $5 Indian series included a remarkable Proof 67 1908 example that was bid to $36,225.

Private issue gold was extremely well represented by an assortment of Humbert coins. An 1852/1 $20 Humbert in AU58 realized $18,975 against a $5,500 opening bid. An AU50 example of the 1852 Humbert $50 with the Reeded Edge was bid to $11,500, an 1851 Lettered Edge Humbert $50 with the "880" sold for $10,350, while another "880" with the "50 reverse" sold for $9,028 in XF45. An 1852 US Assay office $50 in XF40 sold for $8,165.

The CU-Kingswood Coin auction also included a nice offering of commemoratives in silver and gold, modern 20th century coins, Colonial issues, and other items of interest.

CU-Kingswood Coin Auction's next sale is scheduled for November 17-18. The consignment deadline, is September 10. If you are interested in consigning items, please click on [email protected] or call (888) 540-2646. For more information, you can also write to Collectors Universe Kingswood Coin Auctions, P.O. Box 6340, Newport Beach, CA 92658.
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1916-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB sold for $27,025
1916-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB sold for $27,025
Extremely rare 1883 $20 Liberty PCGS PR65 set was the second coin to surpass $100,000 in auction.
1916-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB sold for $27,025
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