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Branch Mint Proof 1921-S Morgan Dollar Realizes $36,800

Branch Mint Proof 1921-S Morgan dollar
Branch Mint Proof 1921-S Morgan dollar

A Branch Mint Proof 64 1921-S Morgan Dollar was the highlight of Kingswood Coin Auctions' eleventh sale that was completed November 18, 1999. The major rarity, believed to be one of only 24 pieces struck, sold for $36,800 in highly-active bidding. The 938-lot auction was one of the most successful sales in Kingswood history. Every coin in the auction was graded and authenticated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

"We were delighted with the results of the Kingswood XI sale," said Kingswood Coin Auctions Manager Cassi East. "There were more bidders than at any other sale, enthusiasm was high, and the prices realized were strong in all areas."

Other prices that were especially noteworthy included a 1932 $20 St. Gaudens in MS65 which sold for $27,600, a 1907 Wire Edge $10 Indian in MS64 at $21,850, and a 1797 Large Eagle $10 gold piece in MS62 that brought $20,700.

An early highlight of the sale was an 1877 Indian cent in Proof 65 Red, which sold for $8,568. An 1862 Indian cent in Proof 66 also drew bidding interest, realizing $2,415. A 1955 Doubled-Die Lincoln cent in MS64 Red brought out the collectors, finally selling for $5,980, and an 1871 two-cent piece in Proof 66 Red brought $2,875.

The three-cent nickel series included an 1865 in Proof 66 at $3,865 and an 1878 in Proof 67 that sold for $1,725. Buffalo nickels were highlighted by a 1919-D in MS64 at $2,359 and a 1937-D 3-Legged variety in MS63 at $3,105.

Early half dimes were in great demand in Kingswood XI, as a 1794 in AU58 sold for $6,670 and a 1796 in AU53 brought $4,255. Liberty Seated half dimes were led by an 1837 No Stars in MS65 at $2,300.

Early dimes showed strength in the sale as two 1796 examples fell under the hammer, the first in XF40 at $4,370 and the second in AU58 at $6,785. Liberty Seated dimes were highlighted by an 1838 Large Stars in MS65 at $2.359, an 1878 in MS67 for $2,415, and an 1882 in MS67 at $2,990. A 1907 Barber dime in Proof 67 sold for $3,680, and a 1945 Mercury dime in MS64FB soared to $3,220.

Two 1796 quarters in the sale were heroic performers, with a Fine-12 selling for $7,475 while an XF40 realized $13,800. An 1831 Capped Bust quarter in MS64 sold for $3,968 and an 1876-CC Liberty Seated example in MS65 brought $2,674. Barber quarters were led by a 1900-S in MS65 at $3,853, and Standing Liberty quarters included some spectacular results with a 1916 in MS65FH bringing $17,181 and a 1917 type one in MS67FH selling for $4,646.

An 1838 Capped Bust half dollar in MS65 was bid to $10,465, and an 1883 Liberty Seated specimen in MS66 brought $3,795. A 1903-S in MS65 at $3,134 paced the Barber half dollars, while the Walking Liberty pieces of note included a 1929-S in MS65 at $2,531 and a 1941-S in MS66 at $2,300.

Draped Bust silver dollars included a 1798 Small Eagle for $3,105. A large offering of proof Liberty Seated dollars was highlighted by an 1859 in Proof 64 at $4,313, and an 1861 in Proof 64 that was formerly in the Garrett collection skyrocketed to $7,245. Trade dollars were led by an 1875-S/CC variety in MS62 at $6,210 and an 1879 in Proof 64 at $3,106.

There were over 350 lots of Morgan dollars in Kingswood XI, and bidders eagerly responded with solid prices across the board. An MS65 1879-CC sold for $13,800, while an 1880-S in MS68PL was bid to $4,600. An 1885-CC in MS66PL realized $1,696, and an 1887-O in MS65 brought $4,258. The key date 1889-CC was represented by an MS63DMPL that sold for $16,100, and an 1891-CC in MS65 brought $2,760.

Other Morgan dollars of note included an 1892-S in AU58 at a strong $8,740, an 1894 in MS64 at $4,025, a 1901-S in MS65 at $2,990 and a 1903-S in MS64 at $3,680. Proof Morgans were led by the Branch Mint proof 1921-S mentioned above, an 1895 in Proof 64 at $23,115, and a 1921 Zerbe in Proof 64 at $4,715.

Gold coins in Kingswood XI received tremendous bidding attention in all denominations. An 1849 gold dollar of the Closed Wreath variety sold for $6,958 in MS66, while an 1850-C in AU58 realized $5,233. Type three gold dollars were highlighted by an MS68 1880 at $5,750 and an 1887 in Proof 65 at $7,941. Gold quarter eagles featured an 1831 Capped Bust in MS62 that was bid to $9,430, an 1834 Classic Head in MS64 at $8,050, an 1844-C in AU58 at $9,488, an 1892 in MS67 at $9,660 and a 1906 in Proof 66 that brought $15,525. Three dollar gold pieces included an 1858 in MS63 at $12,075 and an 1878 in MS66 at $15,640.

The $5 Liberty series saw an 1856-D in MS62 bid to a strong $13,915. A 1901 $5 in MS66 realized $3,450 and a 1902 in Proof 63 sold for $6,670. The $5 Indian offering was comprehensive in Kingswood XI, including a 1909-S in MS64 at $12,363, a 1911-S in MS65 at $23,000, a 1912 in MS65 at $11,155, and a 1912-S in MS64 at $12,650. Other prices of interest from the $5 Indian series were a 1913-S in MS64 at $13,225 and a 1929 in MS64 that was bid to $9,545.

The $10 gold pieces got off to a rousing start as the 1797 Draped Bust Large Eagle in MS62 realized $20,700. A 1901 $10 Liberty in MS66 brought $5,750, a beautiful MS64 example of the 1907 Wire Edge $10 Indian sold for $21,850 and an MS66 1932 closed out the denomination at $5,865.

Double eagles are always a Kingswood favorite, and once again bidding was active and competitive in this area. An 1866-S (Motto) in AU50 sizzled at $6,095, an 1871-S in MS62 brought $7,935, a MCMVII High Relief in MS64 brought $16,100, a 1911-D in MS67 attracted heavy bidding action at $13,053, a 1913-S in MS64 brought $6,268 and the 1932 in MS65 starred at $27,600.

Kingswood XI was rounded out with an offering of silver and gold commemoratives and a small selection of Territorial gold and U. S. patterns.

The next Kingswood sale is scheduled for February 16-17, 2000. Consignments for that sale will be accepted through December 17, 1999. Prospective consignors are urged to contact Kingswood Consignment Manager Sam Foose at 1-888-540-2646.

reverse of 1921-S Morgan dollar
reverse of 1921-S Morgan dollar
1931 $20 St. Gaudens in MS-65 condition
reverse of 1921-S Morgan dollar
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