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CoinFacts available for only $99? Yes, you've read the promotion correct. PCGS has dropped the price of an annual recurring subscription to only $99. Be sure to act now so you don't miss out! Unsure if CoinFacts is for you? Take a moment to read a recent testimonial from a current subscriber:

Coinfacts is by far the most important research tool available today and light years ahead of the competition.

Previously as both a hobbyist and dealer I would spend countless hours of research both online and off scouring for information. Tracking down past auction prices realized, population reports, comparative issues, trending prices and a host of other information needed to stay on top of the game. It was not unusual to visit a half dozen websites and search several printed publications to garner the information needed to make intelligent decisions. I was paying for many different subscriptions (both online and printed) for my research and at times still did not have all the information I needed.

Enter David Hall and CoinFacts. When Mr. Hall made an announcement on the U.S. Coin forum about CoinFacts and what it would be, and evolve into, I was a bit skeptical. I mean really now, how could one website give you everything you needed to know on every coin minted in the U.S.? I took advantage of the free trial offer put forth by Mr. Hall and PCGS just to evaluate CoinFacts and see if it was just another website, or as Mr. Hall said, the one place where all coin information comes together.

In a very short time CoinFacts became my default coin information website. CoinFacts was good when launched a couple of years ago, and is now incredibly great and by far the best single research tool available anywhere. From outstanding macro photography, population reports, auction prices realized and everything else information wise you could ever possible need, there is only one choice, CoinFacts.

-W.C., Collector

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