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Use New Online Tool to Zoom Coin Images

There is always something new at PCGS CoinFacts to make your subscription more valuable. The latest upgrade is a zoom feature on the main page for each coin. This timesaving, new feature allows you to view the enlarged details of up to three coins without having to leave the page or click another link. Here's a sample of how it works.

  1. Find a coin by entering search criteria in the "PCGS # or Search" box. For example, enter 6851, hit the Search button, and you'll jump to the page for the 1794 Silver Dollar.
  2. Move your mouse over any of the images on that page. The image will turn light gray and a zoom box will open, showing the fine details wherever the cursor is located. Move the cursor around and the enlarged image will follow it, allowing you to see close-up details on any and all areas of the coin.
  3. Move to another image and repeat the process.

Just as before, you may still click on any of the images to see a complete, enlarged image. Then click on the "Download Full Size" to see a really huge image.

Click on "View All Images" to see all of the images associated with that coin. Any of those images can be enlarged, as well.

Try it on your favorite coin(s), and have fun!

Ron Guth is President of PCGS CoinFacts. He has been active as a coin collector, dealer, writer and auctioneer since his introduction to numismatics in 1964.
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