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CoinFacts 1943-P 5C Doubled Die Obverse PCGS #: 84174

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts™, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

Ron Guth: The 1943-P Double Die Obverse "Nickel" is one of the most popular varieties of the Jefferson series. Though it is scarce as a variety, high-grade examples seem to be the norm. As of April 2011, PCGS has certified 183 examples, mostly in the MS-65 and MS-66 grades. Of the 183 examples, 29 have full steps. The finest examples graded by PCGS are two MS-67FSs.

This variety is not an arms-length one, so it remains possible to cherry-pick one by examining all 1943-P Nickels. The doubling is most evident on the date and LIBERTY. Jefferson's eye shows clear doubling in the form of extra lines that jut out from in front of the eye.

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