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Readers Responses, Do You Collect Anything Else Besides Coins?

In last week's survey we asked our readers, "Do you collect anything besides coins?" We had numerous responses, so a big thanks to all who responded. Here are a few of the responses we received:

"In addition to coins, I collect movie posters, stamps, die cast models, ceramic barns and currency."

Thank you,

Walter Godard

"Genealogy. I love researching coins and family history!"

Linda in Phoenix, Arizona

"Yes, I do collect other collectibles. One of my favorites is local Native American baskets. I live in Humboldt Country and as such there are a good number of Hoopa and Yurok baskets and caps to collect.

As in all collections, there are opportunities to start out small and inexpensive and work your way up to the more costly baskets. Through my selling and buying, I have one of the nicer collections around.

The local history of these baskets is also a plus; they each have an interesting past giving the collection a real connection to my area.

I love collecting and hope to expand my collection as long as I live.

Thanks so much."

William W.

"Yes I do collect other items other than coins, as a matter-of-fact, I collect too many things. I am a non-smoker, but collect smoking-related items such as: matchbooks (about 85,000), ash trays (about 400 from the teens to mid-seventies), zippo lighters (about 60), cigarette displays stands (25), and many other related items. I also collect record albums, I have about 6,000 or so from the early 50's to 70's, National Geographic magazines, years 1909, 1910 and from 1921 to today, all complete with maps. I also collect antique Kodak cameras, old console record players, antique cabinet radios and my list can go on (but I guess you get picture). But coins are my passion/addiction."


Brad. B
Atlanta, Georgia

"I collect $2 bills, small size, 1928-2013 issues, all UNC (I am missing only three of the 1928 series).

They are the rarest and do not come on the market very often."



"I collect signed antique paper weights (glass)."

Nancy W.

"I collect antique kerosene lamps and some barber mugs (Koken & Boppert) because it is part of my family."

Marli Y.

"I collect antique postcards."

Brenda P.

"Yes, I collect old LP's vinyl records."

Victor A.

"I also collect U.S. mint never-hinged postage stamps. In exonumia, Hard Times Tokens, Transportation tokens and the medals/tokens/patterns of Daniel Carr. Although I didn't mean to, it looks like I'm also collecting pounds (around the waist, not British coins)."


"Although coins make up the bulk of my collecting budget, I also enjoy a collection of rare seashells. I used to collect trading cards from the game: Magic the Gathering."


"I still collect sports memorabilia, especially autographed! Helmets, balls, lithographs, you get the idea!"


"Apart from coins, I collect stamps."


Eileen Goh

"I collect So-Called Dollars, 19th Century U.S. Mint medals, Civil War tokens, Victorian period advertising cards and antiquarian numismatic literature in addition to coins.

Your writers and articles are not only the best in the business! They keep me coming back for more and more. They go the extra mile in finding out information that you just can't find. They're complete, informative and professional. Best writers I've come across."

Todd W.

"My collecting passions pull me in numerous directions; however, my first true love is collecting both U.S./World coins and paper money. In addition to 7 and 12" vinyl records, sports cards, U.S. and World maps, hot wheels, various art-paintings, lithographs and sculptures, 1st addition books, comic books and specific toys."

Best regards,

Kelly Kincaid

"In addition to coins I collect classic cars and muscle cars. I currently have a 1967 Corvette convertible fully restored, and a 2010 Dodge Challenger, and a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport convertible in my collection."

Thanks, Gary H.

"I've been a collector for almost my entire life. Coins are actually one of my more recent things I collect. As a child, I collected baseball cards. Now, in addition to coins, have a collection of bottle caps, U.S. stamps, U.S. paper money, drink coasters, butterflies (that I hunt myself), sand from beaches around the world, mineral specimens and vinyl records. These are my most serious collections. Thank you for asking about my collecting, something I am passionate about!"


Nathan Grosse from MN

"Hi, I am a coin collector, but I also collect blue glass bottles and vases. I also have about 100 plastic model kits; they are all different figures, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Batman, Superman and many others. Some of them I have already."

John M.

"I loved collecting coins ever since the first time my grand pappy gave me my first Morgan dollar. I loved sitting at his kitchen table and looking at all the different coins he had; brings back a lot of great memories. I miss you PapPap. Another nice collection I accumulated over the years is antique fishing lures – another passion I received from my father. I got a new lure every Christmas and whether it was his when he was a young lad, or one he picked up from a flea market, or garage sale, until I was old enough to start buying them on my own, I loved getting my new lure at Christmas. Two years ago my wife and I had a beautiful baby boy, and someday, I hope to enjoy it with him, as much as I have with my dad."

Jason G.

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