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Rare Platinum Frosted FREEDOM Variety at GreatCollections

Coin is second discovered from a total mintage of 21 coins. Unique at PCGS. Auction Closes April 27, 2014.

GreatCollections FrostedFREEDOM Obverse
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Irvine, California – A scarce production proof error, acknowledged by the U.S. Mint, is being auctioned by GreatCollections, with bidding to end on Sunday, April 27, 2014. The 2007-W $25 Quarter-Ounce Platinum Statue of Liberty coin has the word FREEDOM in frosted type, as opposed to the mirror finish. Mint Officials did not believe the word FREEDOM was prominent enough and decided to change the finish of the letters at the last minute. PCGS has graded the coin PR70 DCAM.

"What's special about this variety is that the U.S. Mint acknowledged how they were produced and how they inadvertently distributed the error coins to buyers at random. Only 21 were minted and this is the second one discovered," said Ian Russell, President/founder of GreatCollections.

FrostedFREEDOM GreatCollections Reverse
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The variety was discovered in 2011 and prompted the U.S. Mint to confirm that 21 of the error were produced of the $25 Quarter Ounce and $50 Half Ounce. Twelve coins were produced of the $100 One Ounce. GreatCollections first learned about this current coin earlier this year, and it is the only coin graded by PCGS for any of the three denominations.

PCGS included the Quarter-Ounce Frosted FREEDOM coin in their Top 100 Modern Coins Registry Set, where it is ranked #16.

Russell continued: "The coin is being sold unreserved and initial spirited bidding has taken the bid to over $25,000, ensuring a new PCGS record auction price for the platinum series. We are always proud to be the auction company of choice for U.S. coin rarities."

To view professional images of the Frosted FREEDOM Platinum Coin or other coins in the auction, please visit www.greatcollections.com or telephone 1-800-44-COINS.

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