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Tips on Using PCGS CoinFacts

PCGS CoinFacts is packed full of useful information about U.S. coins. It's really a library full of information packed into one easy-to-use site. You can navigate to the information you need in three ways:

  1. Enter the PCGS coin number. For example, the label on a PCGS MS67 1899 Silver Dollar might show the following information: 7258.67/25530309. In this case, 7258 is the PCGS coin number, 67 is the grade, and 25530309 is the certification number. Simply enter 7258 into the "PCGS# or Search" box at the top of any PCGS CoinFacts page, hit enter, and you will jump right to the page for that coin. It works with any valid PCGS coin number. Play around with some random four or five digit numbers and see where it takes you.
  2. Use the Search function. In the same box where you enter the PCGS coin number, type in 1899 $1. You'll see numerous possibilities, including all of the VAM varieties associated with that coin. Click on the one you're interested in and you'll jump directly to the right page.
  3. Go home. When in doubt, there's no place like home. Click on the Home button on any page and you'll go to a complete listing of all the different denominations and types available on PCGS CoinFacts. Click on any link to jump to the type pages, then click on the new links to jump to the date pages, where you'll find exactly what you need.

These tips will help you navigate like a pro through the PCGS CoinFacts site. Remember, even though PCGS CoinFacts is a huge site, you can never get lost, and you can have hours of fun!

Ron Guth is President of PCGS CoinFacts. He has been active as a coin collector, dealer, writer and auctioneer since his introduction to numismatics in 1964.
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