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My Coin #16294697

1803 $1 B-6 BB-255 Large 3 AU55

PCGS#: 40101

Owner's Comments

B-6,BB-255, Large 3. Spectacular toning with PL look. R1/2, Est.Pop.1000-1650 coins. Should be low CC coin. Grade AU58+- MS62.

Expert Comments

Ron Guth: Bruce Morelan, in an interview with PCGS in 2016, spoke about his PCGS MS65 example: “1803 is probably my favorite coin of the Draped Bust dollars and the reason for that is not even apparent at first glance. If, same as the 1794, if you have that coin out of the holder and you turn the light, you see the absolute virgin surfaces on Miss Liberty's cheek and breast and neck. It's one of the things that really attracts me to spectacular, early gems, when they have that glow, that patina that you know that coin's never been cleaned. That vibrancy is spectacular and that coin has it.”

Diameter: 40.00 millimeters Designer: Robert Scot Edge: Lettered: HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT
Mintage: N/A Weight: 27.00 grams Metal Content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS65 PCGS grade

"Colonel" E.H.R. Green - Green Estate - Partnership of Eric P. Newman & B.G. Johnson (St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.) - Eric P. Newman, who paid $60.00 - Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society - Heritage 11/2013:33515, $705,000 - Bruce Morelan Collection

2 MS63 PCGS grade

Thomas Cleneay Collection - S.H. & H. Chapman 12/1890:951 - Jim Ruddy's personal collection, circa 1960 - Cardinal Collection - American Numismatic Rarities 6/2005:61, $82,800 - Bowers & Merena 11/2010:2242, $74,750

2 MS63 PCGS grade
3 MS61 PCGS grade  
5 AU58+ PCGS grade

Warren Miller Collection