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Early Dollars with Major Varieties and Silver Plug, Circulation Strikes (1794-1803): Highlander

Highlander - 9th

Current Statistics
Rank 9
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 34.228
Complete 92.31%
Set Rating 30.507
Retired Statistics (7/7/2004)
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 33.860
Complete 94.12%
Set Rating 30.394
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About this set: Americana at its finest! The Highlander Early Dollar set consists of original examples in the Very Fine to Extremely Fine category. However, one example grades Fine and two examples are almost uncirculated. An early dollar with a smooth planchet, solid details, original patina, and minimal circulation marks is a historical treasure to behold. Some specimens are pedigreed and emanate from the Amon Carter, Benson, Cardinal, Clapp, Eliasberg, Flannagan, Hering and Ostheimer cabinets. The Highlander Early Dollar set holds the first 1800 Wide Date Low 8 obverse with AMERICAI reverse, 1798 Large Eagle 5-Stripes, and 1800 10-Arrows certified by PCGS.

ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
68521795 3 Leaves$1VF30192517199561B-5, BB-27 [R1]. Well struck with pronounced details. A cameo effect is sup...
68531795 2 Leaves$1VF256426573324B-2, BB-20 [R1]. Nice, original coin with old-time coloration (x NGC VF25).
68541795 Silver Plug$1VF20532849B-1, BB-21 [R?]. What a find! A silver plug with light golden and gray toni...
68581795 Draped Bust$1XF405513259146
968581795 Off-Center Dr Bust$1VF202621527232B-14, BB-51 [R2]. Extremely nice coin conservatively graded at the VF20 lev...
68591796 Small Date, Sm Letters$1VF353510137108B-2, BB-63 [R4]. Ex. Hering. (x NGC VF35).
68601796 Small Date, Lg Letters$1VF304013544156B-4, BB-61 [R4]. Nice coin with strong details and excellent surfaces.
68611796 Large Date, Sm Letters$1XF4030463355B-5c, BB-65 Die State V [R4]. Excellent original patina. The die chip is in...
68631797 9X7 Stars, Lg Letters$1VF307620580231B1, BB-73 [R3]. Strong details with irridescent forest green and blue patin...
68661797 9X7 Stars, Sm Letters$1XF4078913B-2, BB-72 [R5]. Ex. Eliasberg. An extreme coin! Beautiful original patina ...
68651797 10X6 Stars$1VF303913341159B-3, BB-71 [R4]. A strongly detailed coin with even old-time coloration.
68671798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars$1VF3529733082B-1, BB-82 [R4]. Nice surfaces and details with excellent original toning.
68681798 Small Eagle, 15 Stars$1VF3021412448B-2, BB-81 [R4]. Beautiful example of a difficult coin.
68731798 Large Eagle$1VF35266663281741
68741798 5 Stripes$1XF409111424B-6, BB-96 [R4]. A colorful and strong XF reprentative. The Highlander Set...
68751798 Knob 9$1XF45581013B-3, BB-94. [R3+]. Ex. Amon Carter. Lovely gold, gray, and iridescent toni...
68761798 10 Arrows$1XF4021242634B-6, BB-96 [R4]. A colorful and strong XF reprentative.
68771798 Wide Date$1VF30185822110B-19, BB-106 [R5]. Peripheral rainbow tone complements the original surfac...
68781799$1XF40373730383833B-14, BB-167 [R3]. The 'Tears' variety. Outstanding reverse details (x PCI...
68831799/8 15 Reverse Stars$1XF402910231116B-1, BB-141 [R3]. A beautiful 200-year old error coin.
68841799/8 13 Reverse Stars$1VF3520702480B-2, BB-143 [R4]. Bowers and Borckardt state this variety usually is seen b...
68791799 Irregular Date-15 St$1F15416524B-4, BB-153 [R3]. A solid coin which exudes originality with crusty surfac...
68801799 Irregular Date-13 St$1XF40217726
68811799 Obverse Stars 8X5$1VF20846868B-23, BB-169 [R5]. Ex. Ayers. A beautiful coin toned in gunmetal and cobalt...
68871800$1XF4599160108192B-16, BB-187 [R3]. A lovely example of the ''Shooting Star'' reverse.
  1800 Wide Date, Low 8$1 
68891800 Dotted Date$1VF3010461258B-14 BB-194 [R2]. Very original coin with a spectrum of colors. (ICG VF35).
68901800 12 Arrows$1XF45820927B-17, BB-196 (R2). Nice coin with strong details and rich, original toning...
68911800 10 Arrows$1VF25210218B-15, BB-195 [R3]. Strong details enhance the original surfaces. The first ...
68921800 AMERICAI$1VF3526503166B-19, BB-192 [R3].
868881800 Wide Dt,Low 8,AMERICAI$1AU531012B-11, BB-191 [R7]. Ex. Ostheimer. A true Wide Date, Low 8 with the AMERICAI...
400871802 Narrow Date$1XF407418780222B-6, BB-241 [R1]. Beautiful rose and iridescent blue color accents intrica...
400891802 Wide Date$1XF402628B-5, BB-242 [R5]. A real 1802 wide date with beautiful original surfaces ex...
400901802/1 Narrow Date$1XF4035693788
  1802/1 Wide Date$1 
69001803 Small 3$1AU5513181522B-5, BB-252 [R2]. Ex. Cardinal. Beautiful deep blue and cobalt hues complem...
69011803 Large 3$1VF354712348144B-2, BB-233 [R4]. Nice original coin with good details.