Elite Cameo - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 70.164
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.164
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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 70.164
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.164
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About this set: This year the focus was on improving upgradable coins. I was lucky to be offered the 1957/1958 Roosies in PR69DCam by Finest Known. Heritage supplied a 1950 Lincoln in PR66DCam. Hard work paid off with getting the key DCams from the RRL #1 Franklin Variety collection. The collection ranks first or second for each proof years represented. My favorites are the 1955 and 1958 sets for overall eye appeal and high quality coins ............................. Cameo coins are the focus. Almost all the coins are cameo with two-thirds of the coins being deep cameo. Pedigrees represented are from Ottaway, Kreuter and Wohlforth. Please take a look at the photos for these special coins: 1952 Lincoln Pr68 Rd - Pop 3/0..... 1958 Jefferson Pr68 DCam - Pop 3/0..... 1954 Roosevelt Pr69 Cam - Pop 1/0..... 1951 Washington Pr68 Cam - Pop 4/0..... 1953 Franklin Pr67 DCam - Pop 7/0..... Special thanks this year go to Mark Lorey for the RRL coins and Alex Bivin at R&I for the Dcam Jeffs ....................... Finally, thanks go to PCGS for the invitation to the Trade and Grade in San Francisco and for setting up the registries and forums. It is still fun.

Elite Cameo
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
933591950 1C 1CPR66DC113
941821950 5C 5CPR67DC90
952251950 10C 10CPR67DC145
859821950 25C 25CPR67CA195Very good cameo for 1950
866911950 50C 50CPR67CA92
833621951 1C 1CPR67CA122
941831951 5C 5CPR67DC100
852261951 10C 10CPR68CA140Eric Kreuter Collection Pedigree
859831951 25C 25CPR68CA60
966921951 50C 50CPR66DC162
833651952 1C 1CPR67CA233
941841952 5C 5CPR68DC30
852271952 10C 10CPR68CA81Eric Kreuter Collection Pedigree
1444451952 25C 25CPR67DC10
966931952 50C 50CPR66DC72
833681953 1C 1CPR67CA405
941851953 5C 5CPR68DC20
852281953 10C 10CPR68CA80Eric Kreuter Collection Pedigree
959851953 25C 25CPR68DC80
966941953 50C 50CPR67DC140Top Pop from EUL
833711954 1C 1CPR68CA90Great looking cameo from Teletrade
941861954 5C 5CPR68DC81
852291954 10C 10CPR69CA10Top pop of 1
959861954 25C 25CPR68DC171Flashy deep cameo
966951954 50C 50CPR68DC50
933741955 1C 1CPR68DC51Fantastic, lustrous deep mirrors - Total Travel Solutions
941871955 5C 5CPR68DC270Words can not describe
952301955 10C 10CPR68DC130From Eric Kreuter Collection
959871955 25C 25CPR68DC230Black and white cameo contrast - flawless mirrors - R&I Client
966961955 50C 50CPR68DC200Snow white with jet black mirrors - R&I Coin
933771956 1C 1CPR67DC368DCAM Lincolns are tough - This coin from Teletrade
941881956 5C 5CPR68DC60
952311956 10C 10CPR68DC241
959881956 25C 25CPR69DC420
966971956 50C50CPR69DC390Variety of grades shown
833801957 1C 1CPR68CA180Flawless
841891957 5C 5CPR68CA330
952321957 10C 10CPR69DC40Top Pop from Finest Known
959891957 25C 25CPR68DC255
966981957 50C 50CPR68DC732
933831958 1C 1CPR67DC274
941901958 5C 5CPR68DC50Absolutely beautiful - Scarce, from Hottestcoins
952331958 10C 10CPR69DC20Top pop from Finest Known
959901958 25C 25CPR68DC255Awesome contrast
966991958 50C 50CPR68DC210Very solid deep cameo Franklin
933861959 1C 1CPR68DC343Heavy dark contrast above deep pools
941911959 5C 5CPR69DC10top grade coin - quality looks like a 1980''s Jeff
952341959 10C 10CPR68DC285Eric Kreuter Collection Pedigree
959911959 25C 25CPR68DC430
967001959 50C 50CPR67DC72
933891960 1C1CPR69DC100Frosting between the columns - Heritage Fun Sale
941921960 5C 5CPR68DC596
952351960 10C 10CPR69DC1250Used Kreuter coin to upgrade qualiy from original Elite Proof Set
959921960 25C 25CPR69DC360Super black and white cameo
967011960 50C 50CPR69DC50
933951961 1C 1CPR68DC4810Tomaska Plate Coin
941931961 5C 5CPR69DC130
952361961 10C 10CPR69DC584
959931961 25C 25CPR69DC410Another black and white cameo - Heritage
967021961 50C 50CPR68DC842
933981962 1C 1CPR69DC350From Stewart Blay Collection
941941962 5C 5CPR69DC560
952371962 10C 10CPR69DC620
959941962 25C 25CPR69DC521
967031962 50C 50CPR69DC120
934011963 1C 1CPR69DC901
941951963 5C 5CPR69DC761
952381963 10C 10CPR69DC1980
959951963 25C 25CPR69DC1150
967041963 50C 50CPR69DC170
934041964 1C 1CPR69DC2161
941961964 5C 5CPR69DC2160
952391964 10C 10CPR69DC3002
959961964 25C 25CPR69DC900
968001964 50C 50CPR69DC790