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PCGS Set Registry - It's Fun, Easy and FREE!

Home to the world’s finest coin collections, the PCGS Set Registry® enables collectors to safely display their PCGS-graded coins in a secure online environment, and compare their collections to some of the greatest ever assembled. Designed for all levels of collectors, you can start with one coin and gradually build a set or you can add an entire collection. Tracking your inventory with market prices, free submissions, and recognition from your peers are just some of the many benefits.

Part of the fun of the PCGS Set Registry is watching your set move up in ratings as you add coins. Annually, the top-ranked sets are recognized in the PCGS Set Registry Awards, and the "All-time Finest" collections are inducted into the PCGS Set Registry Hall of Fame.

Join the community of collectors who share your love of the hobby. All you need to start is the certification number of one of your PCGS-graded coins. It's fun, easy and free! Get started now!

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Benefits of PCGS Set Registry

As if the FUN you’ll have participating in the PCGS Set Registry were not enough, you will also receive other important benefits:

Recognition for Your Collection The Registry provides a safe and secure environment to showcase and share your collection with the numismatic community.

Free Submissions Depending on the size of your collection, you can receive up to three free submissions for participating.

A Valuable Pedigree If your set ranks in the top five it may qualify for the free pedigree service».

How the Set Registry Works

The PCGS Set Registry is exclusively for PCGS-graded coins. To begin, just sign up here »

The PCGS Set Registry enables you to track your inventory, market price, costs and populations, build and update sets, enjoy friendly competition, meet other collectors who share common interests, create a photo album of your collection, and share your sets with others. In addition, you can perform “What If?” scenarios to see how the addition of new items will change your set ratings.

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