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British Sarawak Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1863-1941): Sarawak Collector

Sarawak Collector - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 59.781
Complete 15.38%
Set Rating 7.971
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About this set: Sarawak MS set

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Sarawak Collector
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1863 1/4C1/4C 
  1870 1/4C1/4C 
  1896-H 1/4C1/4C 
  1863 1/2C1/2C 
  1870 1/2C1/2C 
  1879 1/2C1/2C 
  1896-H 1/2C1/2C 
  1933-H 1/2C1/2C 
  1863 1C1C 
1701171870 1C1CMS63+ BN18113
  1879 1C1C 
  1880 1C1C 
5553731882 1C1CMS63BN1111
  1884 1C1C 
  1885 1C1C 
  1886 1C1C 
  1887 1C1C 
  1888/7 1C1C 
5553821888 1C1CAU58BN2121
  1889 1C1C 
  1889/8-H 1C1C 
  1889-H 1C1C 
3899881890-H 1C1CMS64RB1010The Finest Graded by PCGS.
  1891 1C1C 
4071741891-H 1C1CMS62BN1212
1403701892-H 1C1CMS64BN1112
  1893-H 1C1C 
  1894-H 1C1C 
3952291896-H 1C1CMS62BN1213
  1897-H 1C1C 
3993401920-H 1C1C 
  1927-H 1C1C 
  1929-H 1C1C 
  1930-H 1C1C 
  1937-H 1C1C 
  1941-H 1C1C 
1667811900-H 5C5C 
4143591908-H 5C5C 
1496111911-H 5C5C 
1667841913-H 5C5CMS622020
1728441915-H 5C5C 
1659981920-H 5C Silver5C 
5553981920-H 5C Cu-Ni5C 
4071701927-H 5C5C 
4071771900-H 10C10C 
4071781906-H 10C10C 
3900011910-H 10C10C 
3955921911-H 10C10C 
3995131913-H 10C10C 
5096321915-H 10C10C 
  1920-H 10C Silver10C 
3926451920-H 10C Cu-Ni10C 
4066311927-H 10C10C 
1427971934-H 10C10C 
1403741900-H 20C20C 
3646741906-H 20C20C 
1598221910-H 20C20C 
1598231911-H 20C20C 
1598241913-H 20C20C 
5096611915-H 20C20C 
5096711920-H 20C20C 
5553991927-H 20C20CMS642020
4006991900-H 50C50C 
5096821906-H 50C50CAU532222
1496071927-H 50C50C 
My New Set Of Sarawak Coin.
Posted @ 4/17/2014 11:10 PM By Sarawak Collector