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Large Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1793-1814): R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr.

R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr. - 2nd

Retired Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 62.286
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 62.286
%RD 0.00%
R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr.'s Sets
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About this set: From the Experts at PCGS
The Naftzger collection of 1793 to 1814 large cents (Basic Set) is by far the finest ever assembled. It includes the only Chain cent ever graded MS67. It also includes the famous Atwater 1793 Wreath cent, graded MS67RB by PCGS. And there are numerous cents graded MS67RB, including a 1794. It took Naftzger 40 years to build his collection!

About the Naftzger Collection

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R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr.
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
13411793 Chain1CMS63BN4257PCGS grade. Ex Colin Lightbody, Edward Cogan 12/1866:536-Mortimer Livingsto...
354561793 Wreath1CMS68BN1013PCGS grade. Pedigreed 7/14/14.
13591793 Cap1CAU53BN4454PCGS grade. Ex England-unknown (possibly Dr. William H. Sheldon)-Q. David B...
136617941CMS64RB17318PCGS grade. Ex Major Sir Rowland Denys Guy Winn, M. C., 4th Baron St. Oswal...
137817951CMS65RB2031PCGS grade. Ex Virgil M. Brand-B. G. Johnson (St. Louis Stamp & Coin Co.) 1...
13921796 Cap1CMS66BN1022PCGS grade. Ex Major William Boerum Wetmore-S. H. & H. Chapman 6/1906:549-D...
358011796 Drape1CMS66BN0000PCGS grade. Ex Howard R. Newcomb, J.C. Morgenthau & Co. #458, 2/1945:98 T. ...
142317971CMS66RB1010PCGS grade. Ex Howard R. Newcomb, J. C. Morgenthau & Co. #458, 2/7 1945:170...
3611117981CMS65RB1020PCGS grade. Ex M. A. Brown, S. H. & H. Chapman 4/1897:779-George H. Earle, ...
144617991CAU53BN1012PCGS grade.
145618001CMS65RB0000PCGS grade.
145818011CMS64BN1017PCGS grade. Ex Barney Bluestone #45, 10/1939:763-Charles J. Dupont, Stack's...
147418021CMS67RB0000PCGS grade.
148618031CMS67RB0000PCGS grade.
150418041CMS63BN0000PCGS grade. Ex William T. R. Jester-Thomas L. Elder 12/1914:13-Henry C. Hin...
151018051CMS66BN0000PCGS grade. Ex Carl Wurtzbach (who said he used to lull himself to sleep lo...
151318061CMS63BN1131PCGS grade. Ex Dr. Henry W. Beckwith, S. H. Chapman 4/27/1923:36-William Fe...
152818071CMS64BN0000PCGS grade. Ex Charles R. Mathewson 1955-Copley Coin Co-Dorothy Paschal 1/2...
154318081CMS66BN2044PCGS grade.
154618091CMS64BN2040PCGS grade.
154918101CMS65BN1034PCGS grade. Ex David Proskey-Henry C. Hines-Dr. William H. Sheldon 4/19/72-...
155618111CMS66RB0000PCGS grade. Ex Henry C. Miller-Thomas L. Elder 4/1917:812-Henry Chapman-Col...
156218121CMS64RB1111PCGS grade.
157018131CMS65BN1020PCGS grade.
157618141CMS64BN0300PCGS grade. Ex R. Coulton Davis 1/1890:2562-Charles J. Dupont, Stack's 9/24...