R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr. - 4th

Retired Statistics
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 66.714
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 66.714
%RD 36.84%
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About this set: From the Experts at PCGS
The Naftzger collection of 1839 to 1857 large cents (Basic Set) is undoubtedly the finest ever assembled. Every coin is MS65 or better and most are MS66 or better. And all but a few coins are full Mint Red. It took Naftzger four decades to build his collection and the tremendous, consistent effort shows in this fantastic set.

About the Naftzger Collection

Images and provenance are from the Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioners and McCawley-Grellman Copper Specialists Pre-Long Beach Auctions, 2008-2009.

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R.E. 'Ted' Naftzger Jr.
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherComments
181818391CMS66RB00PCGS grade. Ex Ed Milas 8/71-M. Varner-Del Bland 5/74-C. Douglas Smith-Jer...
182318401CMS66BN10PCGS grade. Ex Jerry Bobbe 6/79.
183318411CMS66RB00PCGS grade. Ex Jerry Bobbe-Dr. Robert J. Shalowitz 12/76.
183718421CMS66RD00PCGS grade. Ex Dr. Kenneth Sartoris 7/72 (via Denis Loring).
184818431CMS66RB00PCGS grade. Ex 1984 FUN Show, Florida Coin Exchange 1/7/84:22 (via Tony Ter...
186018441CMS64RB00PCGS grade. Ex Glen Wallace-Ace Reiswig 5/74-Robert E. Vail (via J. R. Grel...
186318451CMS65RB30PCGS grade. Ex Barney Bluestone-T. James Clark 1954.
186618461CMS65RB61PCGS grade. Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. 6/19/58:1256.
187918471CMS64RD02PCGS grade. Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. #59, 6/15/67:1334.
188518481CMS65RD20PCGS grade. Ex Henry C. Hines-Floyd T. Starr, Stack's 6/13/84:561.
188718491CMS65RB51PCGS grade. Ex Howard R. Newcomb-Floyd T. Starr, Stack's 6/13/84:603.
189118501CMS65RD160PCGS grade. Ex Richard S. Herman 1983.
189418511CMS65RD141PCGS grade. Ex Floyd T. Starr, Stack's 6/13/84:667.
190018521CMS65RD163PCGS grade. Ex S. H. & H. Chapman 3/24/1905-New Netherlands Coin Co. #59, 6...
190318531CMS65RD6415PCGS grade.
190518541CMS66RB20PCGS grade. Ex Lee J. Lahrman, Abe Kosoff 2/1/63:476.
191118551CMS66RB00PCGS grade. Ex Henry C. Hines-Dr. William H. Sheldon-C. Douglas Smith 5/6/7...
192318561CMS66RB10PCGS grade. Ex Abe Kosoff 12/9/52:978.
192918571CMS65RB00PCGS grade. Ex Dr. James O. Sloss, Abe Kosoff 10/21/59:351.