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Owner's Comments
4123061909-A25 PfgPR65CA1011
4123071909-D25 PfgPR65CA1010
4123081909-E25 PfgPR66+ DC1010
4147891909-F25 PfgPR66DC1010
1130741909-G25 PfgPR66CA1010
4119721909-J25 PfgPR66CA1010
4123111910-A25 PfgPR66CA1012
4123121910-D25 PfgPR65CA1010
4123131910-E25 PfgPR66DC1111
1130751910-F25 PfgPR67DC1010
4123141910-G25 PfgPR65CA1010
4123151910-J25 PfgPR66CA1011
4124561911-A25 PfgPR67DC1010
4123171911-D25 PfgPR65CA1010
1130761911-E25 PfgPR66DC1010
4123191911-G25 PfgPR66CA2020
1130771911-J25 PfgPR66+ DC1010
4111171912-A25 PfgPR66CA1010
4123221912-D25 PfgPR65CA1010
4123231912-F25 PfgPR66CA1011
1130781912-J25 PfgPR66CA1010
Wow. This is an impressive accomplishment!
Posted @ 11/4/2009 4:03 PM By desertdreamer