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Capped Bust Half Dollars Major Variety Set without Reeded Edges, Circulation Strikes (1807-1836): Zin's Capped Bust Half Dollars Redbook Set

Zin's Capped Bust Half Dollars Redbook Set - 8th

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Rank 8
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 57.458
Complete 94.52%
Set Rating 49.420
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Zin's Capped Bust Half Dollars Redbook Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
60861807 Large Stars, 50/2050CAU5841244728CAC O-112
60871807 Small Stars50CXF4511241336O-113a Former NGC 53
393611807 Large Stars50CXF452111230CAC O-114 Secure Plus holder
  1807 Bearded Liberty50C 
39363180850CAU58326382CAC O-102a Secure Plus holder Chuck DeOlden Collection as NGC 62
60911808/7 50CMS646183CAC O-101 Secure Plus holder
39392180950CAU58417852CAC O-103a Rare LDS King Collection
393801809 XXX Edge50CAU55341417CAC O-102 Secure Plus holder
393871809 III Edge50CAU55342632CAC O-109a
6095181050CAU5872679686CAC O-102a T/T variety King Collection
60961811 Large 850CMS6228523055O-103
60971811 Small 850CAU58599987127CAC O-110 SecurePlus holder Former Don Willis Collection
60991811/10 50CAU5815222029CAC 1811/10 O-101 Secure Plus holder
6100181250CAU58105183127210CAC O-103a SecurePlus holder
61011812/1 Small 850CAU58+1201241812/1 Small 8 O-102a The only 1812/1 circulated graded PLUS by PCGS Fo...
  1812/1 Large 850C 
6103181350CAU58+2892109CAC O-110a Rare unlisted LDS Kahn Collection
61041813 50C/UNI50CMS631281211O-101
6105181450CAU588012098145CAC O-102a
61061814/3 50CAU5535233530CAC O-101a
61071814 E/A in STATES50CMS621213O-108a E/A variety Secure Plus holder
61081815/2 50CAU5533283435O-101a Former NGC 58
6109181750CAU5844726491CAC O-113 Eagle has a worm variety
61101817 181.750CAU551552010CAC O-103 Secure Plus holder
61111817/3 50CAU5516231830CAC O-101a Secure Plus holder
  1817/4 50C 
6113181850CAU587311687141CAC O-107 Cocked T variety
61141818/7 Small 850CAU5818111915O-102a
61151818/7 Large 850CAU5523372751CAC O-101a
6117181950CMS6317222129O-110a King Collection
61181819/8 Small 950CAU5825372840CAC O-101 Former Don Willis Collection
61191819/8 Large 950CAU5829223737CAC 1819/8 Large 9 O-102a
61211820 Curl 2, Small Date50CAU5318772190CAC O-103a 45 degree CCW rotation
61221820 Square 2, Large Date50CAU5817152223CAC O-105 SecurePlus Holder
61231820 Sq 2, Lg Dt, No Knob50CAU5520242840CAC O-108 Double Die Reverse variety
61251820/19 Square 250CAU5318361845CAC O-101 Former NGC 55
61261820/19 Curl 250CAU5810181621CAC O-102
6129182250CAU5895199114228O-109 Both obverse and reverse prooflike.
61301822/1 50CMS628111116O-101 Secure Plus holder
6131182350CAU58116230128250CAC O-108 Formerly Kahn Collection
61321823 Broken 350CAU5599915CAC O-101 Secure Plus holder Former ANACS 58
61331823 Patched 350CMS628101016CAC O-101a
61341823 Ugly 350CAU55891115CAC O-110a Double Profile Former NGC 58
61381824 Various Overdates50CMS61629630O-103 Formerly Kahn Collection
61391824/1 50CMS6312913141824/1 O-101 Somewhat Prooflike
396431824/4 50CAU58241939CAC O-109 Formerly King Collection
6142182550CAU58198268220308CAC O-101 Only Large Letter Reverse R. Brown Collection
408532182650CMS6220114310CAC O-112a OFAMERICA Variety; SecurePlus holder
397451827 Square 250CAU5821361491CAC O-145 R5 Secure Plus holder
397501827 Curl 250CAU58131916CAC O-147 Curl Base 2 R4 SecurePlus holder
397511827/6 50CAU58243152CAC O-101
61481828 Curl 2, No Knob50CAU505440562441CAC O-101 Former ANACS 55
61491828 Curl 2, Knob50CAU5812191428CAC O-107
61501828 Square 2, Large 850CMS646587CAC O-109
61511828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Lg Let.50CMS6329563769CAC O-110 Secure Plus holder
61521828 Sq 2, Sm 8's, Sm Let.50CAU5512181624CAC O-119 Only 1828 Small Letter reverse Former Dale Heisler Collecti...
6154182950CAU55225478262554CAC O-111 Recut 9 variety
61551829/7 50CAU5826683378CAC 1829/7 O-101
61561830 Small 050CAU58254344280375CAC O-118
61571830 Large 050CAU503527848326CAC O-120 Former ANACS 53
  1830 Large Letters50C 
6159183150CAU58277519298564CAC O-106 Recut LIBERTY variety
61601832 Small Letters50CAU58370404418451CAC O-110 Double Profile
61611832 Large Letters50CMS62+1819CAC O-101a; Only 1832 Large Letter Variety; Huge Reverse Die Break; Secur...
6163183350CAU58269364302396CAC O-112
399051834 Large Date, Lg Let50CAU58+232289CAC O-101
61651834 Large Date, Sm Let50CAU589010898117CAC O-106 1834/4
61661834 Small Date, Sm Let50CAU58162197180227CAC O-109
6168183550CAU58142193160225O-107 Possibly 1835/4 Former ANACS 61
399551836 Lettered Edge50CMS641061271836/1336 O-108a Secure Plus holder
61701836 50/0050CMS636274CAC O-116 Secure Plus holder Formerly Kahn Collection
Tom, I have long admired your wonderful set of CBH.Your emphasis on CAC, is a nice plus.Just love that 1808/7!
Posted @ 7/27/2014 7:51 AM By apar