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1794 1C S-67 Head of 1795, RB MS67RB

PCGS#: 35685

Owner's Comments

The very first of the Liberty Cap cents were designed by Joseph Wright. Undoubtedly, his inspiration came from his own mother Patience Wright, herself a world-renowned artist of the time, and her modeling for the sketch "The Personification of Liberty" in 1777. Sadly, Joseph Wright succumbed to the outbreak of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793, and his cent designs were employed only in 1793 and shortly afterward.------**For 1794, the Liberty Cap cents are seen with one of three very distinctive portraits of Miss Liberty, each resulting from the work of different artists, and the collection contains superb examples of all three:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**First up is the "Head of '93" subtype designed by Joseph Wright, as seen here in the MS64BN Garrett S-18b cent, the single finest known specimen of the subtype, which depicts Liberty in high, rounded relief with simple tresses to her hair.------------------------------------------------------------**Next is the "Head of '94" subtype designed by Robert Scot, as seen here in the incredible MS66RB specimen of the S-26 variety from the Eliasberg Collection, which displays Liberty in an intricately sculptured high relief with chiseled features and finely detailed hair. With immaculate surfaces and sparkling cartwheel luster, this coin not only places high in the census for the date, it is one of just 7 MS66RB coins graded by PCGS for the entire series, and there are just two specimens in MS67RB.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**Finally, the "Head of '95" subtype designed by John Smith Gardner shows Miss Liberty completely re-modeled and rendered in lower relief. It is represented here by the incredible coin acknowledged by the EAC as the single finest known specimen of the S-67 variety, which traces its provenance to Lord St. Oswald, William H. Sheldon, R.E. Naftzger and Walter Husak. This coin displays unbelievable surfaces, beaming with stunning cartwheel luster and abundant mint red throughout. Appearing at the top of the EAC census as MS68, this coin is not only the single finest known S-67 specimen, it is also acknowledged as the single finest remaining 1794 cent of ANY variety, and it is the ONLY 1794 "Head of 1795" cent to be graded by PCGS as MS67RB!

Expert Comments

Diameter: 28.00 millimeters Designer: Attributed to Robert Scot Edge: Lettered: ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR
Mintage: 918,521 Weight: 13.48 grams Metal Content: Copper

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