2011-W $100 Statue of Liberty First Strike, DC PR70DC

PCGS#: 507771

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Expert Comments

Jaime Hernandez: In 2011, the U.S. Mint only produced a $100 Proof Platinum Eagle. It did not produce any $10, $25 or $50 Mint State or Proof Platinum Eagle. The Mint also did not produce any $100 Mint State Platinum Eagle.

Obverse: Same Statue of Liberty design which was introduced in the Platinum Eagle seires in 1997.

Reverse: Theme for this years design is entitled "To insure Domestic Tranquility". This is the third of six different principles of American Democracy which are written in the United States Constitution.

Issue Date: May 26, 2011

Issue Price: $1,992.

Mintage Limit: 15,000

Metal Composition: 99.95 

First Strike: Coins submitted to PCGS within the first 30 days of release qualfied to receive a special First Strike designation on the PCGS holder. 

Diameter: 32.70 millimeters Designer: N/A Edge: Reeded
Mintage: N/A Weight: 31.12 grams Metal Content: 99.95% Platinum

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 PR70DCAM PCGS grade
1 PR70DCAM PCGS grade  
1 PR70DCAM PCGS grade  
1 PR70DCAM PCGS grade  
1 PR70DCAM PCGS grade