1918-D 10C MS63

PCGS#: 4918

Owner's Comments

Expert Comments

David Hall: The 1918-D Mercury dime is not rare in circulated grades but it is scarce in mint state condition. Full band gems are very rare and superb gems are among the rarest in the entire series. Approximately 70% to 80% of the mint state survivors do not have fully struck crossbands. While luster on mint state specimens can be excellent, strike is such a problem that in gem condition this is one of the key dates to the Mercury dime series and one of the silver condition rarities of the 20th century.

Diameter: 17.90 millimeters Designer: Adolph Alexander Weinman Edge: Reeded
Mintage: 22,674,800 Weight: 2.50 grams Metal Content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Rarity and Survival Estimates

Grades Survival Estimate Numismatic Rarity Relative Rarity by Type Relative Rarity by Series
All Grades 5,000 R-4.0 21 / 80 TIE 21 / 80 TIE
60 or Better 700 R-5.6 39 / 80 TIE 39 / 80 TIE
65 or Better 100 R-8.0 30 / 80 TIE 30 / 80 TIE

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS66 PCGS grade
1 MS66 PCGS grade
1 MS66 PCGS grade  
1 MS66 PCGS grade  
1 MS66 PCGS grade