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1908 $20 No Motto - Wells Fargo MS68

PCGS#: 99142

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David Hall: In contrast to the usual "ratty" look of the 1908 No Motto Saints, in the early 1990s, dealer Ron Gillio found a hoard of 9900 absolutely incredible 1908 No Mottos. The hoard was dubbed "Wells Fargo Discovery" because the initial transactions involving these coins took place in a Las Vegas Wells Fargo bank. The hoard contained thousands of superb Gems graded MS66 by PCGS, nearly 1000 coins graded MS67 by PCGS, 101 coins graded MS68 by PCGS, and 10 virtually perfect gems graded MS69 by PCGS, the only Saints ever graded MS69 by PCGS (as of 2009). It was the largest hoard of ultra high quality $20 St. Gaudens ever discovered.

When we were grading the Wells Fargo $20 Saints at PCGS, we had seperated the 10 coins that we felt were graded MS69. All ten were virtually perfect gems...the most amazingly perfect Saints we had ever seen. We tried real hard to find one of the ten that we could call MS70. We even narrowed it down to the "best three," but we just couldn't find the one truly perfect coin, though we found ten that were very close and three that were really, really close. Just an absolutely amazing hoard of $20 Saints and the ten MS69s were truly off the charts!

Diameter: 34.00 millimeters Designer: Augustus Saint Gaudens Edge: Lettered
Mintage: 4,271,551 Weight: 33.40 grams Metal Content: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

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Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS69 PCGS grade  
1 MS69 PCGS grade  
1 MS69 PCGS grade  
1 MS69 PCGS grade  
1 MS69 PCGS grade