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My Coin #27234617

1795 1/2C C-3 PE Punctuated Date, BN AU50BN

PCGS#: 35077

Owner's Comments

Expert Comments

Ron Guth: The 1795 Cohen 3 variety is one of the "Punctuated Date" varieties, but on a thin, plain edge planchet.  It is a very scarce variety that is rarely found in grades above Fine condition.  Certainly, no Mint State examples are known.  Breen lists the Anderson-DuPont example as the first coin in his Condition Census, tied at "About Extremely Fine" with the Missouri Cabinet coin that sold in early 2014 as a PCGS AU50.  The next best coin drops down to the Very Fine level.

Early versions of this variety are struck well, with most of HALF CENT visible on the reverse.  Later, the reverse die buckled and HALF CENT began to disappear until only the H and the C remain visible.

Diameter: 23.50 millimeters Designer: John Smith Gardner Edge: Plain
Mintage: 139,690 Weight: 5.44 grams Metal Content: Copper

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 About Uncirculated (estimated grade)  

Stack’s “Anderson-DuPont” 11/1954:1046 (as Raw Almost Extremely Fine), $500 - Dorothy Nelson - Stack’s “TAD Collection” 3/1975:820, $2,000

2 AU50 PCGS grade

Captain John W. Haseltine 6/24/1880:846, $3 - Joseph S. Brobston Collection - Stack's FPL #69 1/1963, listed for $1,150 - Philip M. Showers Collection - Stack's, sold privately in 1969 - Willis Harrington duPont Collection - Fred S. "Freddy" Werner, sold privately in 2/1976 - Superior, sold privately in 2/1976 - Joe Flynn & Son Rare Coins, sold privately on 4/20/1976 - R. Tettenhorst Collection - Missouri Cabinet (Mocab 95.3.4) - Goldbergs 1/2014:27, $24,150

3 VF35 PCGS grade

Col. E.H.R. Green - Burdette G. Johnson - Eric P. Newman - R. Tettenhorst, sold privately in 4/1982 - Jim McGuigan Collection