2013-W $50 Burnished Gold Eagle First Strike SP70

PCGS#: 518832

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Jaime Hernandez: This year the Mint produced two different versions of uncirculated gold eagles. It produced a regular Uncirculated 2013 coin without a mint mark. Additionally, it also produced a separate version that contained a W mint mark. This was the 2013-W Uncirculated $50 Gold Eagle and it was offered directly to the public. Unlike non W mint mark uncirculated coins which are only sold to the Mint's Authorized Bullion Purchasers.

The 2013-W $50 Uncirculated coins officially went on sale at the U.S. Mint on June 06, 2013. Each coin had an issue price of $1,725.00 each. However, the price of the coins fluctuated throughout the year depending on the spot price of gold. 

Diameter: N/A Designer: N/A Edge: N/A
Mintage: N/A Weight: N/A Metal Content: N/A