2008-D 1C Satin Finish, RD SP68RD

PCGS#: 394908

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Expert Comments

Jaime Hernandez: From 2005-2012 the Mint produced Special Satin Finish Mint Sets. Each Mint Set contained an example of every circulating coin in a specially struck burnished planchet. For the Lincoln cent this was also the last year in which the Mint used the Memorial Cent design.

Most 2008-D Satin Finish Lincoln cents were struck very well, with many examples grading MS67 and higher. Coins in MS68 are a bit difficult to find but yet, still available. In MS69, they become more difficult with possibly a few hundred examples that grade MS69.

Diameter: 19.00 millimeters Designer: Victor David Brenner/Frank Gasparro Edge: Plain
Mintage: N/A Weight: 2.50 grams Metal Content: Copper-plated Zinc