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My Coin #03381172

1917-D 25C Type 1, FH MS66FH

PCGS#: 5709

Owner's Comments

1917-D 25C Type 1 MS66 Full Head, Mintage: 1,509,200. Hermon Atkins MacNeil's Standing Liberty is one of the most beautiful designs ever to grace a U.S. quarter. The issues of 1916 and the first half of 1917 display Liberty with an exposed breast. For years, collectors have accepted Breen's story that the Society for the Suppression of Vice forced the modification of the original Standing Liberty quarter design on grounds of obscenity. While the society certainly voiced its opinion and exercised its political muscle, Treasury Secretary William G. McAdoo was the real driving force behind the introduction of the Type Two design in 1917. Fearing public criticism, McAdoo ordered the design change to preserve his own political ambitions. His presidential aspirations were, however, dashed in the elections of 1918 and 1924. The present coin is a brilliant, frosty example of one of the beautiful, underrated and short-lived Type-One-mintmarked Standing Liberty quarters. The D-mint 1917 Type One quarter sells for approximately twice as much as its P-mint counterpart, yet it is three to five times scarcer. The 1917-D Type One is not a rare coin in an absolute sense but, being a branch mint issue, is it not surprising that examples are a bit more elusive than those of the 1917 Type One production. This disparity widens as one progresses up the grading scale. Although not as common as its P-mint counterpart, the 1917-D Type One is still a popular issue for Gem quality type purposes. Once the early troubles were worked out with the modest number of pieces struck in 1916, the Type One design yielded consistently excellent strikes. As with many high grade survivors, pinpoint detailing embodies all the design elements of the present example of this first-year Denver issue. This is an uncommonly well-defined coin for the series, going beyond full definition of Liberty's head and gown lines. Fully struck on all the design features, the detail is superb not only of Liberty's head and gown, but there is also unusually sharp definition of the small feathers on the eagle's breast, and on the ear, neck, and throat of Liberty. There is a sharp line separating the hair, and the horizontal and vertical shield lines are fully brought up as well. Extremely appealing with intense mint luster and no mentionable distractions of any sort, the silver-white untoned surfaces display a characteristic matte-like texture, although with greater radiance than is normally seen. This is a truly amazing Standing Liberty quarter regardless of date. The striking details are especially notable and brilliant throughout, the surfaces exude a thick mint frost that rolls around each side unimpeded by the post-striking defects one would expect on a lower graded coin.

Expert Comments

Diameter: 24.30 millimeters Designer: Hermon A. Mac Neil Edge: Reeded
Mintage: 1,509,200 Weight: 6.30 grams Metal Content: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
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Rarity and Survival Estimates

Grades Survival Estimate Numismatic Rarity Relative Rarity by Type Relative Rarity by Series
All Grades 2,750 R-4.4 3 / 4 22 / 23
60 or Better 2,250 R-4.5 3 / 4 22 / 23
65 or Better 500 R-6.0 3 / 4 21 / 23

Condition Census

Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MS68FH PCGS grade
2 MS67+FH PCGS grade
3 MS67FH PCGS grade Just Having Fun Collection (PCGS Set Registry) - Stack’s/Bowers 8/2012:11367, $23,000
3 MS67FH PCGS grade
3 MS67FH PCGS grade