2009-D $1 Native American Position A MS67

PCGS#: 406937

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Jaime Hernandez: This is the first year in which the U.S. Mint produced Native American Dollars. The obverse of the coin depicts the same design used on Sacagawea Dollars. However, the reverse design used on 2009 coins is now different as the Mint decided to produce different designs on the reverse every year depicting a theme that would honor Native Americans and the contributions they have made to the United States throughout history. 

The 2009-D Sacagawea Dollar is very common in circulated grades and even up to MS65 grade. In MS66 condition they are a little difficult to find but still easily available with proper searching in bags and rolls. In MS67 they are scarce with less than 200 known and none being finer. 



Diameter: 26.50 millimeters Designer: Glenna Goodacre/Norm Nemeth Edge: Lettered
Mintage: 33,880,000 Weight: 8.10 grams Metal Content: 88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel