Coins Certified as of 2/12

California Gold Complete Basic Set (1849-1855)

Number of Required Coins : 32

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 58.097

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"Go West, young man, go West!" That popular quote, popularized by newspaperman Horace Greeley, came shortly after the Gold Rush began in 1849. Today, we use the same quote to direct collectors to this fascinating set of coins produced by a variety of minters, both private and semi-official, from the Golden State. Included is an example of the 1849 Norris, Gregg & Norris $5 (believed to be the first gold type struck in California), gold coins from Moffat & Company (famous for the high purity of their coins), official issues such as the U.S. Assay Office $20 and $50 gold pieces, and exceedingly rare issues like the $5 gold pieces struck by J.H. Bowie and the massive $50 gold pieces struck by Wass, Molitor & Co. and their competitors, Kellogg & Co. Completing this set requires hard work, ample resources, and a little bit of luck, but the end-result is a collection of incredibly historic and valuable coins.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)View PCGS Era
RankCollection% CompleteGPA WeightedGPA with Top Pop BonusesSet Rating
1 Garrett Collection 87.50%45.51
Retired All-Time Finest
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 45.805
% Complete 87.50%
Set Rating 36.033
2 CEO 6.25%52.00 52.00 01.04
3 W.H. Pratt 9.38%24.75 24.75 00.66
Current Finest
RankCollection% CompleteGPA WeightedGPA with Top Pop BonusesSet Rating
1 CEO 6.25%52.00 52.00 01.04
2 W.H. Pratt 9.38%24.75 24.75 00.66