Number of Required Coins : 31

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 55.105

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This set is perfect for the person who loves early American coins and tokens. We’ve taken the Design Set and expanded it to include all the different dates in the Machin’s Mills series, all denominations of the Chalmers silver coins, and all dates of the Nova Constellatio copper coins. Despite the increase in the number of coins required to complete this set, the degree of difficulty is not much greater and there are actually more opportunities for collectors to excel. There are plenty of affordable coins in this set, not to mention some great, historic design types.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All-Time Finest (All Eras)View PCGS Era
RankCollection% CompleteWeighted GPASet Rating
1 Garrett Collection 74.19%
Retired All-Time Finest
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 47.074
% Complete 74.19%
Set Rating 34.664
2 Alamo Collection 74.19% 46.02 27.19
3 The Norweb Family 54.84%
Retired All-Time Finest
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 41.800
% Complete 54.84%
Set Rating 20.900
4 OldSycamore 22.58% 44.64 04.46
Current Finest
RankCollection% CompleteWeighted GPASet Rating
1 Alamo Collection 74.19% 46.02 27.19
2 OldSycamore 22.58% 44.64 04.46