Number of Required Coins : 4

Current Finest Possible Set Rating : 67.813

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The Nova Constellatio patterns were one of the first serious attempts at a national coinage. Four denominations were made based on a 1000 Unit system: a 5 Units copper coin, a 100 Units "Bit," a 500 Units "Quint" and a 1,000 Units "Mark." Unfortunately, this experiment failed and only a handful of examples survive (however, the all-seeing eye design was used on the Nova Constellatio copper coins of 1783-1786). Virtually all of the coins in this set are unique and most are owned by the noted colonial specialist John Ford. While much of his collection has already been sold in recent years, no announcement has been made concerning the Nova Constellatio patterns. Until the coins are sold, this is a fantasy set that will continue to thrill collectors (like us) who dream about great coins.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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