Coins Certified as of 1/19

Scrapbook: FUN Show Orlando, January, 2013

The Walton 1913 Liberty Nickel

Heritage Auctions President Greg Rohan, APMEX Executive Vice President Paul Montgomery representing the Walton heirs and PCGS Co-Founder David Hall with the Walton 1913 Liberty Head nickel, January 9, 2013. Photo by D. Pearlman.

1913 Liberty Nickel

On January 11, 2013, PCGS Co-Founder David Hall personally affixed the PCGS certificate of authenticity and grade insert to the inside layer of George O. Walton's custom-made holder for the 1913 Liberty Head nickel. Photo by D. Pearlman.

FUN PCGS Luncheon

PCGS President Don Willis tells attendees at the FUN 2013 luncheon about new PCGS services now available to collectors and dealers. Photo by D. Pearlman.

PCGS Restoration Service

One of PCGS's new services for 2013 is the Restoration Service. It is available for PCGS and raw coins.

Top 100 Modern Coins Unveiled

Collectors Universe President and PCGS Co-Founder David Hall unveils the exciting new PCGS Top 100 Modern U.S. Coins list at the FUN 2013 luncheon. Photo by D. Pearlman.

PCGS Staff

Director of Advertising Rebecca Tran, Dealer Liaison Sandy Locker, and PCGS Set Registry Coordinator Gayle Kean, help host the luncheon.