Coins Certified as of 1/20

Scrapbook: ANA Chicago, August, 2013

1783 Nova Constellatio Patterns

A unique set of four 1783 Nova Constellatio patterns, insured for $15 million, were on display courtesy of Beverly Hills dealer Kevin Lipton on behalf of the coins' anonymous owner.

Ultra Rarities

The 1783 Nova Constellatio patterns represent a solution to the economic problem facing the American States during the Revolutionary period – how to create a national currency that incorporated the hodgepodge of monetary systems in use at the time.

PCGS Display

The display offered a unique opportunity to view these ultra rarities.

The CoinKing Collection

PCGS offered a second display of high quality German coins.

German Coins

The collection, owned by numismatist, Ron Guth, featured Top Pop coins which illustrated an array of beautiful designs.

PCGS Set Registry Luncheon

The luncheon had another great turnout of Registry and Collectors Club members and authorized dealers.

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