Sheldon 9.Vine and bars edge. Purchased at the 1993 ANA.

Sheldon 237. Die crack from rim through N in UNITED to lowest left leaf through ribbons above the knot to right wreath stem. Other minor die cracks. Hard surfaces. A superb large cent. Purchased from Numismatic Financial Corporation at the 2013 FUN s...

Purchased from J.J. Teaparty in April 2012.

Fully struck.Light die cracks from 1 in date through bottom of 8 and 9 to rim below 2, from tip of bust to rim below last " A " in America and through the tops of " OF AMERI ".Purchased from J.J Teaparty in April 2012.

JR-1b.Die breaks through almost all stars on the obverse.Purchased at the 1993 Silver Dollar show.

Die break through HALF DOL. on the reverse.Purchased at the 1993 Silver Dollar show.
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