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Ex Just Having Fun Collection. Purchased from Wondercoin and best of the two JHF owned. Definitely one of the top 2 1981-p nickels known. Only about 50 are known with full steps in any grade!

Ex DRG Collection. Purchased from James Sego Rare Coins. The 1981 Susan B Anthony Dollars were included in mint sets only. The S's had to be shipped to Denver to be included in the Denver packet. A bumpy road along the way possibly contributed to the...

1981 1C MS67RD PCGS # 3043

My submission. Roll from Glenn Antrim. Best of about 6 ms67rd's I got graded. One of my nicest bronze Lincolns period. Looks ms68rd. Picture doesn't do it justice.

1981-P 50C MS67 PCGS # 6739

Ex Michigan Collection. Best of 3 ms67's I've owned including the Richard Green coin.

1981-D 50C MS67 PCGS # 6740

Ex Lindemann Collection

1981-P SBA$1 MS67 PCGS # 9578

TNFC. Full Talons. Best of the 2 they had for sale.
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