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Ex DRG Collection. Full Talons. This and 1981-s are the next toughest dates to find with full talons after 1980-s.

Ex DRG Collection. Full Talons. Dr Golan searched at least 35 bags of 1980-s, over 70,000 coins, in order to find this coin and 40 or so other ms67s (over half the pcgs pop!). Like 1981-s this date virtually cannot be found in ms67 in a mint set. Thi...

1980-D 1C MS67RD PCGS # 3004

Roll from the Arizona hoard. Best of 5 ms67rd's I have got graded.

1980-P 50C MS67 PCGS # 6737

Ebay. Best of 2 I've owned.

1980-D 50C MS67 PCGS # 6738

Aw coins, best of 2 they had. A real beauty!