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1795 C-3 R5+ Punctuated Date VG7. Sharpness F15 but moderately granular on all but the highpoints, which are relatively smooth. The portrait is covered with hairline scratches and several very thin nicks, but these marks are not obvious to the unaide...

goldberg auction #70 , lot #52 1795 C-5b R4 Thick Planchet AG3. Clipped Planchet. Smooth and free of any notable defects, just heavily worn. Lightly cleaned and retoned a slightly glossy medium brown and light olive blending to olive brown in pr...

1794 1/2C Low Relief Head N1BN PCGS # 35018

manley 3

1794 1/2C Low Relief Head G6BN PCGS # 35036

best guess Manley 2.0 clash through I visable - no clash between E and D

1794 1/2C High Relief Head N1BN PCGS # 35060

Lot 483 1794 C-8 R5 G4. The obverse is slightly better but the reverse is weaker, mostly as a result of that die being badly misaligned to K-5 causing an uneven strike. No corrosion or verdigris. A short, dull scratch in the field before the nose ca...
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