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Mintage: 489,064
Obverse Dies: 1 Known

There are two known die pairings for 1838 New Orleans coinage. Both die pairings employ the same obverse die. The initial 30 specimens of 1838-O dimes were struck on May 7-8, 1838. An additional 367,434 of Ahwas


Mintage: 1,323,000
Obverse Dies: 5 Known

A total of five different obverse dies and six reverse dies have been identified for 1839 New Orleans coinage. 1839-O dimes with a Small O mintmark are extremely rare in mint state. The plate coin was puchased


Mintage: 40,000
Obverse Dies: 1 Known

The 1860 New Orleans date is scarce in the lower circulated grades and often comes porous due to examples being dug out of
the ground. Rare in problem free EF-AU and becomes extremely rare in Mint State.


1840-O 10C No Drapery MS62 PCGS # 4574

Mintage: 1,175,500
Obverse Dies: 7 Known

Obverse 4 is one of 7 different 1840 New Orleans obverse dies. This obverse comes fairly well struck but is already showing signs of die erosion around the stars. Use the repunching on Stars 9 through 11


1841-O 10C MS64 PCGS # 4580

Mintage: 2,007,500
Obverse Dies: 10 Known

For 1841 New Orleans coinage, a total of ten different obverse dies and twelve reverses dies have been identified with multiple die pairings. The most significant varieties for 1841 New Orleans coinage


1842-O 10C MS64 PCGS # 4582

Mintage: 2,020,000
Obverse Dies: 4 Known

Four obverse dies and potentially five reverse dies have been identified for 1842 New Orleans coinage. The key diagnostic point for Obverse 4 is the die gouge to the left of Liberty's index finger. Tim Co

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