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1793 1/2C F15BN PCGS # 1000

Nice even brown color with sharp details! CAC Approved!

1793 Chain 1C AMERICA AU55BN PCGS # 1341

Truly a dream coin for me and many other collectors! This example boasts extremely clean surfaces and even brown color with not even a hint of porosity. I have tracked its provenance back to a Lester Merkin auction in the 1950's. The reverse is clear...

1793 Wreath 1C Lettered Edge AU50BN PCGS # 35477

Gorgeous clean surfaces with no porosity or roughness. Some mint luster and hints of red peaking through. Heavy clashing showing up on the obverse. CAC Approved!

1793 1C Liberty Cap AG3BN PCGS # 1359

Smooth corrosion free surfaces with strong obverse details. Not much left on the reverse thus the grade.