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Robert Scot designed this coin of Miss Liberty with mintage commencing in 1796 and continuing until 1807. It is one of the more common dates with a mintage of over 3 million. This coin has an even chocolate coloration and nice strong strike.

The redesigning of the five cent piece in 1883 was another collossal blunder by the mint's engraving staff. The "NO CENTS", "Racketter Nickel" variety depicted here was widely gold plated and passed as a gold half eagle. This specimen is from the fa...

The first gold dollar from this mint has the open reverse. Dusty antique gold surfaces with nice strike with slight wear on the curls of the hair. Coppery accents the peripheral devices. Small "0" mint mark.

1858-D G$1 MS61 PCGS. Variety 10-M. A single die pair is known for the scant mintage of 3,477 pieces. The present example has peach-gold toning around design elements while the high points and open fields are gunmetal-blue. No marks are visible, thou...

The 400th anniversary of the Columbus landing was the event for the minting of our first commemorative coin. The coin issued in 1892 for the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL., was coined in proof as well as business strikes as NCLT. This specime...
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