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1832 10C XF40 PCGS # 4521

"the look". It took an instant to fall in love with this one. the dirt/grime(like on seated coinage) not only gives the coin a two-tone appearance but gives the devices some contrast which make them stand out to the eye.

1856 10C Small Date XF45 PCGS # 4609

1884 10C AU55 PCGS # 4692

gorgeous AU55 here, the head is just a tad soft, the pic is not best either here but there is considerable detail in-hand. light gold with hints of green and rose; these colors produce a kaleidoscope effect when the coin is rotated in person! the fla...

1916 10C Barber MS62 PCGS # 4870

Very lustrous with plenty of metal flow. Just enough gold patina to confirm its originality but it doesn't impede the flash factor!

1936-S 10C MS64FB PCGS # 5003

smoke-toned on the periphery!

1944-D 10C MS66 PCGS # 5052

another great type coin that can be had at any premium grade for a small increase in price. One could still get an MS63 for little more than $10, great for young numismatists! This one has nice luster and is pleasing on the eye.
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