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1873-CC T$1 Trade XF40 PCGS # 145814

Type 1/1- MPD FS-301 top of 7 poking out of the denticals. Nice original con that is known with two different Rev mint mark size variants. NGC called it a 45 but PCGS is right with the 40 grade.

1874-CC T$1 XF45 PCGS # 7035

Type 1/1- Wide CC Mint Mark (1.2 mm spaced) . This Rev die was used on the 73, 74 & 76 years that I know about and is often weekly struck on the eagles leg on the 74. All coins with this Mint Marks characteristic spacing are very rare with this date ...

1875-CC T$1 AU53 PCGS # 7038

Type 1/1- Choice original AU with glowing luster under dusty skin. Most common of the CC Trades but rare this nice in the perfect economy collector grade.

1876-CC T$1 AU55 PCGS # 7042

Type 1/2- Most common of the 3 main 76cc's you will come across at an almost 75% rate, although the 76cc is a scarce date to start with it becomes conditionally rare in the choice AU and greater range. This coin is a total package of originality /lus...

1877-CC T$1 AU55 PCGS # 7045

Type 2/2- A nice example of this popular CC issue that is an understated rarity. While it gets over shadowed by the 78cc the Pops are almost the same.

1878-CC T$1 Trade XF40 PCGS # 7047

Type 2/2-Completely under graded keydate. Detail of 50-53 w/ luster of 45-50. Traces of old proof like flash. One of the nicest Cir 78's I have seen outside of a few high end AU's. Perfect The allure of the 1878cc Trade dollar that helps it cross int...