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Snow 1 1861, 61/61 (s). Hattip Rick Snows attribution guide Obv. 4: (LH) Slight repunching visible at the base of 61. Broken ES hub. Light die file marks from the denticles from 6:30 to 7:30. Rev. D: Small rough area between shield and the rim at...

Eagle Eye Photo Seal-1863 MS63rb Strike Double Reverse

1864 1C Copper-Nickel MS65 PCGS. Snow 5 Eagle Eye Photo Seal Plate Coin Impressively lustrous and strongly struck for this final copper-nickel cent issue. Salmon surfaces are bright with occasional mint-green accents. This is the finnest known...

Eagle Eye Photo Seal 1864 With L Snow-2 MS-63RB PCGS (PS) 25% RED. Full strike. The coin looks like a gem except for a mark by the bust point. The repunching is very bold. There are many interesting die cracks. The mark to the right of the ...

1865 INDIAN HEAD CENT ? ANACS MS-64-RB ? 1C PENNY RED-BROWN In the Old ANA Holder when I purchased it take a look at the pictures! Now in a PCGS MS63 RB Holder

Eagle Eye Photo Seal Snow 1b 1871, 1871/1871 (s) on digit punch, Bar Lip. Obv. 4: (LH) Date high. Die scratch through the upper lip. Rev. T3-C: Shield and olive away from denticles. Die cracks from the rim at 2:00 to the wreath. Die crack from t...
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