CAC {B-19, BB-192} The Regular Date AMERICAI has an estimated population of 600 to 1,100 in all grades. Only 25 to 50 exist in AU-50 to AU-58. {CAC Population 2, Only 3 Higher}

CAC {B-11, BB-191} Sometimes you have to throw out the price guides, that's what I did when I came across this very hard to find variety. AMERICAI Wide Date, Low 8, has an estimated population of 200 to 350 specimens in all grades. {CAC Population 1...

CAC {B-1, BB-211} Variety {Wide Date} Population Estimated at 500 to 900 specimens in all grades.

CAC {B-03, BB-213} Ex: Benson Collection. Right foot of all T's on reverse are missing, the result of a broken punch. *Not my highest graded Early Dollar, but one of my overall favorites. {CAC Population 7, only 26 higher}

CAC {B-4, BB-214} Close Date, Scarcest Variety. Approximately 400 to 750 specimens are known in all grades. PCGS has graded only 1 "this coin" in XF-45. Under 20 specimens are known to exist in higher grades. (4/25/2013)

CAC {B-06, BB-241} Narrow Date variety...
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