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CAC {B-05, BB-27} Three Leaves variety. Easily recognized by the diagonal bar near the uppermost curl. Estimated population 2,500 to 3,500 in all grades. {CAC population 20, only 28 higher}

CAC {B-14, BB-51} Off Center Variety. Estimated population 1,400 to 2,000 in all grades. {CAC population 2, only 2 higher}

CAC {B-4, BB-61} The coin that started it all. Still the most beautiful XF-40 Early Dollar I've ever seen. A favorite in my collection...

CAC {Ex: Eliasberg} {B-02, BB-72} The BB-72 may well be the most famous variety after 1794 and before 1804. An estimated 200 to 300 specimens exist in all grades. {CAC Population 1, Only 1 Higher}

CAC {B-02, BB-81} Small Eagle, 15 Stars Obverse. An estimated 500 to 800 specimens exist in all grades. {CAC Population 1, Only 6 Higher}

CAC {B-6, BB-96} Obverse: Knob 9. Reverse: Line Star Pattern, 5 lines in the shield, 10 perfect arrows and 2 sticks. Estimated population in all grades 500 to 800 pieces. This is the PCGS CoinFacts Plate coin. {CAC Population 5, only 1 Higher}
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