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All P mint Trade dollars are difficult to find chopmarked and the 1873 is one of the toughest.

One of the keys to the Trade dollar series, chopmarked or not.

One faint chopmark, under Miss Liberty's outstretched arm to China holding an olive branch, on an otherwise mint state example. The 1873-S is the most difficult San Francisco Trade dollar to find chopmarked. They exist, but are not common.

Very difficult to find chopmarked, this 1874 P saw minimal circulation in China, received one chopmark and was withdrawn from circulation.

Readily available chopmarked or not, despite the CC mintmark. Most of the 1.4 million mintage (10 times that of the 1873-CC) likely made its way to China.

Fairly common chopmarked, this lustrous S-mint Trade dollar saw little circulation and received a solitary chopmark on the reverse.
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