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CAC green sticker. Obverse clashes: grade A Talon Head, grade A hair lip. Reverse clashes: Jaw Line, Moon Line. Cresent blue toning reverse.

CAC green sticker. As of 10/2013, only four at PCGS MS68, of which none are CAC stickered, and only two at PCGS MS67+. This could be the highest CAC stickered 71S Ike's in a PCGS holder. Has an unattributed DDO (likely IDDD hub 2) and TED reverse d...

CAC green sticker. 2D-301.1 The classic WDDO-001/WDDR-001 actually has two different obverse die marriages to the DDR. This one is the first - IDDDO-5A / IDDDR-3 ( Tom Kalantzis' IDDD reference number). DIVA sticker attribution as WDDR-001 / WDDO-00...

CAC green sticker. Shadow Ike with contrail image. Only about 15% of 72S business stike Ikes have a sharp shadow with contrail image, furthermore, they are very unusual at this grade. Grade B Astronaut figure. Unattributed DDO/DDR. Unattributed ...

CAC green sticker. SPL - Design Peg Leg. Diffuse light gold toning.

1971 $1 MS66 PCGS # 7406

CAC green sticker. None graded higher in a PCGS holder.
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