EEPS. Unreal coin. One of my very best coins I own!

EEPS. Very nice color on this well struck near gem. This coin is top pop for the S-2 variety.

EEPS. S-10 Shallow N FS-901. Fully struck with nice details. Extremely lusterous with a lovely patina over both sides. The obverse patina when moved in the light shows purple, magenta, orange and green. This is a very flashy and eye appealing example...

Lustrous mint red mellows and blends with magenta, orange, and golden-green iridescence on the reverse and a soft red brown patination in a wood grain pattern on the obverse. A well struck and lovely example of this popular centennial year issue.

EEPS. 100% RED. Full strike with very few marks. Outstanding for the grade. Old green-label holder from over 15 years ago. Ex: H.E. Robins collection. Earlier from the Ray Douglas collection.
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