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Ex: Naftzger Goldbergs 2009:664. N-12. Called MS63 and CC#2 of the business strikes in the Noyes census, his photo #31076. Our grade is MS64, tied for CC#1 of the business strikes in the Grellman census. Ex 1979 EAC Sale, 1/13/79:274 (via Myles Z. Ge...

1839 1C Type of 1840 AU58BN PCGS # 1817

1840 1C Small Date MS64+ BN PCGS # 395815

N-3. R1. Tied for CC#4.Later die state (B) with a thin crack through the date and several stars, and a small rim break between the final pair of stars. Ex: Stack's Bowers 11/11:303.

1841 1C MS63BN PCGS # 1832

N-6. E-MDS (a). Ex: Dr W Lee Superior 5/01: 1229.

1842 1C Small Date MS64BN PCGS # 1838

N-2 Rarity-1 MS-63 Small Date. Chocolate with some bluish tones. Choice, lustrous surfaces. No defects. Die state d. Tied for Condition Census #4. Ex: B&M 3/07:1222
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