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The very first of the Liberty Cap cents were designed by Joseph Wright. Undoubtedly, his inspiration came from his own mother Patience Wright, herself a world-renowned artist of the time, and her modeling for the sketch "The Personification of Libert...

1803 S-243 cent from the Naftzger collection, PCGS graded Ms-66RB. Among the top 3 finest of ALL Draped Bust cents in the official EAC condition census, this coin was so prized by Ted Naftzger he held it back from the 1973 and 1992 sales of the majo...

With the Draped Bust design, the Mint was finally producing coinage acceptable to the public, lasting entirely through the tenures of Mint Directors Henry William DeSaussure and Elias Boudinot. When Robert L. Patterson assumed that position in 1805, ...

Another transitional year for middle date cents, the year 1837 witnessed the progression from the "Head of 1836" portrait style to the "Head of 1838" portrait, represented here by the N-7 cent (Noyes #21247) and the N-10 cent (Noyes #20845).
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