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Libertas Americana through Time's Coin Album

From concept to realization, execution, delivery, payment, and worldwide press coverage, Benjamin Franklin truly was THE man behind the historic Libertas Americana medals. He leveraged his position in France as the Minister Plenipotentiary represent...

The unanimous choice for the Number 1 spot in the 100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens, the original 1780's Libertas Americana Medals have been famous for the entirety of their 200+ year history. Conceived, commissioned, and funded by Benjamin Fr...

Though bearing the evidence of its share of handling over the centuries, this particular specimen of the Libertas Americana medal is the single earliest example struck in Bronze that this researcher has found. The obverse plainly displays multiple s...

A fanstastically preserved specimen, this gem bronze example of the Libertas Americana Medal is the finest seen by this researcher. Its die state places it near the middle of the production period, with considerable die damage now visible in compari...

Related to the famous Libertas Americana medals, the Peace of Versailles medal bears the obverse legend of "Libertas Americana." Sometimes also called the "Communi Consensu" medal, this issue commemorates the acceptance of the America's newborn libe...

Sometimes referred to as the "French" Libertas medal, this medal commemorates the convention of artists in Lyon in 1792. Clearly, the flowing hair portrait of Liberty and Liberty Cap of the Libertas Americana medal show their influence here.
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